Les Bois collection: the enchantment of nature

Presenting Les Bois, a jewelry collection that celebrates the beauty of nature, a symphony of colors and shapes reminiscent of the majesty of spring forests. 

The unmistakable design is colored with luminous topazes that embrace the sinuous shapes of the pendant, the centerpiece of the entire collection.


"In the hustle and bustle of our modern world, it is rare to find a jewelry collection that manages to capture the essence of nature and turn it into versatile accessories that can be worn every day. The inspiration for Les Bois goes beyond a simple love of nature: it is a deep connection with the forest landscape. I was inspired by the acorns that fall from the trees like leaves in autumn, a natural cycle that represents rebirth and renewal. These little treasures of the forest have become the beating heart of Les Bois, incorporated into the natural stones of the collection to give charm and light to whoever wears them," explains our designer Fabrizio Falcinelli.

Falcinelli's Les Bois collection comprises a wide range of jewelry, from rings to earrings, necklaces to bracelets, all made of 18-karat rose and white gold. Opal, a stone that embodies sweetness and femininity, is surrounded by pink topazes in the white gold version. This combination creates a delicate and refined effect, perfect for those who love an elegant style. The rose gold version is equally charming and bold. Green onyx and purple amethyst alternate with paraiba topaz, pink topaz and green topaz. This combination of natural stones creates a lively, kaleidoscopic effect, perfect for those who like to experiment with colors and want a more incisive style.

The colored stones - green onyx, amethyst and pink opal - look like gems blooming in spring, when nature awakens from its winter dormancy. These jewels capture the vital energy of nature, the freshness of newly blooming flowers and the euphoria of chirping birds. The skillful use of rose and white gold creates a luminous base for the natural stones that adorn the jewelry, uniquely capturing the light to blend perfectly with the gold. The soft shapes of the stones, combined with the luster of the topazes, create a perfect combination of elegance and refinement.

"The woman who wears Les Bois jewelry is a woman who appreciates art and beauty, who understands the importance of wearing something that goes beyond mere adornment. Les Bois jewelry is versatile, suitable for every occasion, from an elegant dinner to a stroll around town. The intense colors of the natural stones are reminiscent of lush forests, from the deep green of the trees to the mysterious tones of forest darkness. Wearing a piece of Les Bois jewelry is like wearing a fragment of spring, it is a way of bringing in the harmony and innate balance of nature, turning every day into a celebration of beauty," Falcinelli concludes.