A succession of brightly colored petals figment of Fabrizio Falcinelli's imagination and created by the skillful hands of master goldsmiths. A triumph of style and elegance in a concentration of light and color. 

This is Les Fleurs collection, with its unmistakable refined design that accompanies women in their most important moments. Jewelry in 18kt gold that celebrates nature in its organic forms and enhances it with the extraordinary magnificence of natural stones.


Les Fleurs collection, inspired by the explosion of a lush spring, by lawn full of brightly colored flowers, conveys to the observer a feeling of prestige combined with an unmistakable sense of peace and tranquility. To create these marvelous accessories, Falcinelli brought all his knowledge of jewelry, designing models with a unique and unrepeatable style.

"To capture the emotion that a piece of jewelry can evoke, it is essential to be guided by instinct. When I started designing this collection, I let my hand carry me, free to express and create.Les Fleurs, a French word for flowers, is an authentic celebration of nature, its unchallenged power, its primordial beauty, its pleasant colors and scents. Flowers are the essence of nature, they are the absolute stars of spring, with their rainbow hues, delicate petals facing the sun and the infinity of meanings they carry. This is Les Fleurs collection: a harmonious succession of colored petals framed by the brightness of 18-karat gold,"explains Fabrizio Falcinelli.

Les Fleurs collection features brightly colored natural stones, each carrying important meanings. The aventurine, with its unmistakable bright green color, is a good-luck stone capable of attracting abundance and money. Turquoise is known as the "traveler's stone" for its protective power that preserves the wearer from misfortune and accidents. Finally, lapis lazuli, a natural stone characterized by a deep blue color, has strong calming power. The natural stones, combined with rose, yellow, and white gold of the setting, with blue topaz and peridot set among the petals, are sublimated by the prestige of white diamonds that make these jewels unique.

The collection consists of earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces with flowing, elegant lines, artfully crafted by italian goldsmiths to add prestige and sparkle to any look. Colorful petals alternate with white diamonds and natural stones. In the rings, petals arranged in a semicircle recall the image of a flower blooming in spring. The necklace, in its precious version composed of 23 colored petals alternating with diamonds, sits delicately on the skin and is the absolute star of the entire collection.

"Wearing the jewelry from Les Fleurs collection we are transported on a unique sensory journey of colors.The woman who wears them is refined and classy, an independent woman with timeless appeal. There are many looks to achieve, from extremely elegant to casual-chic daytime looks. I want the dynamism of the jewelry I create to shine through, to be suitable for every situation and every possible look, both daytime and evening. Every woman should feel free to express her character through my jewelry," concludes Fabrizio Falcinelli, designer of the brand.

Les Fleurs Collection by Tavanti