Pretty butterflies lay on the skin like autumn leaves slowly falling to the ground. Strong, bold colors, enhanced by the brilliance of diamonds, are the absolute protagonists characterizing the entire collection. 

The idea of jewelry as a piece of art is at the heart of this creative project, which started with a sketch on a blank sheet of paper and resulted in the eclectic Les Papillons collection.


A designer of fervid creativity, Fabrizio Falcinelli creates a jewelry collection that encapsulates his artistic vision with dreamlike and fairytale-like traits, aimed at giving the objects a distinctive character. His passion for jewelry, which grew in small steps but is deeply rooted in his family roots, has led over time to the creation of outstanding collections in the world of jewelry that stand out for their eclectic design and typical Made in Italy quality.

"I started with the idea of creating an object that could inspire positive feelings. I immediately thought of the wonderful world of nature, its non-organic shapes and lines, its colors, scents and flavors. Why LesPapillons? Butterflies are elegant creatures, with a wing beat so harmonious that they enchant anyone who observes them. They are a symbol of inner transformation, a change that starts in the psyche and involves the whole body.When I designed 'Les Papillons', The Butterflies, I was at a time in my life when I felt a strong need for rebirth. I was inspired by the metamorphosis that the caterpillar undergoes to become a butterfly, a long and tiring journey that ends with an explosion of beauty and color," Falcinelli explains.

The jewelry in Les Papillons collection displays a certain creative audacity. They are born from precious raw materials that are moulded by the expert hands of master goldsmiths and converge into three-dimensional shapes that are immediately visible. Jewelry finished down to the smallest detail, all in 18-carat rose gold embellished with the full colors of the natural stones and diamonds that perfectly contour their structure. The collection features complete sets of rings, earrings, rigid bracelets and necklaces in green and red aventurine with rock crystal, pink opal and purple amethyst.

A lot is played on the shapes and particular elements that define the object, on the strong personality of the stones and on the expressive power of 18-carat rose gold. Fabrizio Falcinelli creates an extremely personal image of the object that contains some of the cornerstones of tradition, such as the workmanship made entirely in Italy, the play of light and shadow created by the gold and diamonds, and the cut of the natural stones. Les Papillons collection is an open declaration of style and a perfect example of Italian goldsmith tradition combined with the use of new technologies.

"Creating a new jewelry collection is a great responsibility, as the shapes and shades of color are direct vehicles of a world of implicit meanings. Wearing jewelry from Les Papillons collection means feeling free to show the world your soul, sometimes fragile, sometimes confident and courageous, ready to take flight. With its sinuous colored butterflies, it gives modernity and charm to the woman who wears it, adding a touch of freshness and boldness to the look," concludes Fabrizio Falcinelli.