Reverse: versatile design

An ode to elegance of gold and to an extraordinary versatility. Fabrizio Falcinelli give birth to Reverse, a double face jewelry collection with aromantic soul. 

Accessories thought to be worn every day, embellished with simple form engraved in the gold capable to add sparkle and vivacity thanks to mother of pearl and white diamonds.


"Creating a jewelry collection is a natural and spontaneous process, it creeps up inside me on tiptoe and triggers an idea. When I create,I enter another dimension, a parallel world made up of a thousand different ideas, colors, lights and precious stones. It is a continuous journey, an incessant search for new stimuli that can arouse in me that feeling of completeness that draws me towards one idea rather than another. I feel the need to confront myself with the outside world, to step outside my creative universe for a moment and touch reality to understand how my idea is perceived and to what extent it can have an impact on others,' explains Fabrizio Falcinelli, the brand's designer.

"Walking through the crowded streets of central Florence, I realized the diversity that distinguishes and at the same time unites us. Tourists, recognizable by their cameras and relaxed pace, alternated with the low stares and quick steps of citizens engaged in the thousand challenges of every day.The open workshops of artisans and high jewelry shops were the backdrop to my walk, always accompanied by the majestic Florentine monuments. I empathized with the people passing around me and thought about the many faces I passed, all different, each with a particular mark that made them unique. Hence the inspiration for the creation of Reverse, a collection of double-sided jewelry capable of expressing that dualism present in every human being", says Falcinelli.

Reverse Necklaces by Falcinelli

Reverse offers elegant jewelry in 18-carat rose gold, brilliant-cut white diamonds and a delicate mother-of-pearl masterfully carved on the inside.This is an iconic collection that reconciles the brand's two souls:craftsmanship and experience in working with gold on the one hand, research and innovation on the other. The main feature of these creations is a special mechanism that allows the pendant to rotate and reveal its double face, one decorated with mother-of-pearl and the other studded with diamonds. Each piece of jewelry in this collection represents the utmost expression of Made inItaly, gold workmanship and the continuous search for innovative methods to produce jewelry in step with the times and capable of satisfying an increasingly demanding clientele.

Heart, star and moon are the shapes chosen to decorate the mother-of-pearl pendants. Simple designs adorn the circular rose gold charm and create movement thanks to the infinite shades of mother-of-pearl. The heart is the ideal accessory to add a romantic and sophisticated touch to a day or evening look. The star, symbol of light, freedom and energy, is perfect for enriching modern looks and adding dynamism thanks to the pavé of white diamonds, while the moon, emblem of the night and mystery, will illuminate and revolutionize your style, making you shine.

"I like to call Reverse a versatile and surprising collection that changes with us. With Reverse we can express our personality, reinvent ourselves every day by wearing reversible jewelry that we can mix and match. In designing this jewelry collection I immediately imagined the woman who could wear it, a dynamic, charismatic woman, ready to get involved and face life with strength and awareness. A woman who follows fashion and loves eclecticism but does not disdain romanticism and sophistication", concludes Falcinelli.