The Christmas season is imbued with a special spirit, where love and kindness seem to fill every corner. Illuminated streets, glittering decorations and the warmth of people create a magical environment. 

Choosing the perfect gift can be a challenging task, but it is a gesture that can really make the recipient's eyes sparkle. That's why we decided to bring you a Christmas gift guide that can make you fall in love with the elegant designs that distinguish Falcinelli jewelry. Whether it's a necklace from Les Papillons collection or a sparkling ring from Les Petits Bonbons collection, gifting a piece of Falcinelli jewelry becomes a symbolic gesture that can convey deep emotions and create lasting bonds.


The jewelry from the Les Petits Bonbons collection is a true stylistic manifesto of the Falcinelli brand. Created to amaze and captivate the beholder, Les Petits Bonbons jewelry experiments with shapes, joints and overlays in a design that winks at contemporary architecture. In the jewelry, all built on multiple levels,18-karat rose gold blends naturally with colored stones and diamonds. Les Petits Bonbons jewelry is ideal for those who want to embellish their look by adding that touch of class capable of attracting attention.

Les Petits Bonbons collection

Elegant and refined, easy to match, the necklaces and rings from the Le Secret collection will make any look spectacular and reveal the wearer's most romantic side. The real special feature of this jewelry is hidden inside: a message of love engraved on 18-karat gold that slowly reveals itself to the eyes of the fascinated beholder. A declaration of affection, an alternative way to say "I love you” and to express one’s feelings.

The idea of jewelry as a piece of art is at the heart of the eclectic creative project that led to the creation of Les Papillons collection. The jewelry in the collection is born from fine raw materials and flows into three-dimensional forms of immediate visibility. Les Papillons is a collection of jewelry finished to the finest detail, all made of 18-karat rose gold embellished with the full colors of natural stones and diamonds that perfectly contour its structure. With its sinuous colorful butterflies, this jewelry collection is ideal for a modern woman with a sophisticated style who wants to add a touch of freshness and boldness to her look.

Les Papillons Collection

Les Fleurs collection, with its unmistakable and refined design, accompanies the woman who decides to wear it in the most important moments. The18-karat gold jewelry celebrates nature in its organic forms and enhances its colors with the extraordinary magnificence of natural stones. For a refined and classy woman who loves fashion and is always updated with current trends. An independent woman with an eclectic style that ranges from extreme elegance to casual-chic daytime looks.

Les Bois collection from the Falcinelli brand captures the eye of the beholder with its distinctive pendant shape reminiscent of a gemstone blooming in spring. The expert use of rose gold and white gold creates a luminous base for the natural stones that adorn the jewelry, which can capture light in a unique way to blend perfectly with the gold. An ode to the beauty of nature, a symphony of colors blending into a design with sinuous shapes enlivened by the luminous touch of topazes. Jewelry suitable for every occasion, from elegant dining to a stroll through the city.

les Bois collection

Reverse collection, with its double-sided mechanism, offers versatile rings, necklaces and earrings with a romantic soul. The jewelry, in 18-karat rose gold, is sublimated by brilliant-cut white diamonds and delicate mother-of-pearl masterfully carved on the inside. For a dynamic and charismatic woman, ready to get involved and face life with strength and awareness. A woman who follows fashion and loves innovation but does not disdain romanticism and sophistication.

Each Falcinelli collection is designed to highlight the different facets, thoughts and styles that characterize the women these jewelry collections are inspired by. In the search for the perfect gift, giving a Falcinelli piece of jewelry goes beyond mere aesthetic pleasure. It is a gesture that reflects the importance of relationships and gratitude for those who play a special role in our lives. It is a way to express our love through an object that remains precious over time.