The care of Falcinelli's Jewels

Each Falcinelli jewel is an handmade, unique and delicate creation, and for this reason it must be treated and stored with the utmost care.

Falcinelli jewels are handmade by Italian goldsmith masters, combining traditional goldsmith techniques with the latest technological innovations. For our creations we use 18 carat gold and precious stones, carefully selected for their beauty and brightness. To preserve the beauty of Falcinelli jewels it is recommended to follow some general indications of use:

• It is preferable to avoid wearing Falcinelli jewels, when practicing sports or physical activities, in the swimming pool, at the sea, to avoid contact with salt water, treated with chlorine or sweat, which could damage stones and metal. Even the proximity or combination of several jewels that rub against each other can compromise the surface of the gold or damage the stones.

• Do not wear Falcinelli jewels when carrying out housework or when washing your hands, to avoid contact with soap, detergents and cleaning products that could damage their brightness and can alter the brilliance of gold and gems.

• Avoid wearing Falcinelli jewels when applying perfume, lacquers and make-up as the chemical composition of these elements could affect the materials.

• Do not expose the jewelry to intense heat sources and avoid sudden changes in temperature that could permanently damage the stones.


Each Falcinelli jewel must be kept with care, placing it individually in its case or in a soft pouch, away from sources of heat and humidity. We recommend you to avoid storing the jewels in the same container to avoid bumps and friction. Diamonds are hard and sharp stones that can engrave gold and other stones, ruining the jewels. In addition, we suggest to close bracelets and necklaces to avoid knots.

Cleaning Tips:

To preserve your jewel Falcinelli with the utmost care, it is advisable to periodically clean it professionally, with suitable tools and delicately.

A jewel in gold, with diamonds and precious gems should be cleaned with warm water and a soft bristled brush. Before storing it, it should be dried gently, by dabbing it and not rubbing it, using a soft, non-frayed cloth.

Jewels embellished with natural pearls, which can be easily scratched and attacked by chemicals, should be cleaned with the utmost delicacy, using only a soft, slightly damp cloth.