Founded in 1968 in Arezzo, Falcinelli has always been a jewelry maison with a contemporary and unique taste.

Fabrizio Falcinelli, son of the company's founders, immediately dedicated himself to design, exploring new forms, experimenting with new stone cuts, building complex architectures where different colors and proportions create authentic works of art.

Thanks to his collaboration with master craftsmen of the great Italian goldsmith tradition, Falcinelli gives personality and innovation to its collections, which have always been produced with the finest materials: gold, diamonds and precious stones, creating very light jewels with multiple volumes.

The love for beauty in all its forms, the Tuscan land with its masterpieces, the tradition and the contemporaneity of the various artistic forms, everything it is part of the great cultural background of Fabrizio Falcinelli, who has also signed collections for big names of jewelry and fashion.