"I started drawing and painting as a child, even in my parents' goldsmith company, in Arezzo, an Etruscan land with a great tradition in gold artcrafts.
I had a vivid imagination and that’s how I started designing my first pieces of jewelry: I learned by watching the master craftsmen produce magnificent creations in gold. I studied art and its history, I traveled the world and met many cultures. I have always been a lover of beauty, and luckily, I was born in Tuscany, surrounded by artistic works and masterpieces that have inspired my life. In my career I have designed for my companies and for big fashion brands, I was awarded with prestigious prize, but my curiosity and my love for the creation of new jewels has never stopped. The charm of beauty, light, precious materials, gems of the earth and the sea, still enchant me. I love to see a woman adorn herself with my jewels, these objects of desire, architecture of grace, charm and technique."

Fabrizio Falcinelli