LES PETITS BONBONS: Timeless Elegance

Irresistible jewelry created to amaze. Joints, overlaps and colors to match and mix.

Fabrizio Falcinelli
experiments with shapes, plays of color and volumes. Les Petits Bonbons collection, extroverted and bold, with a design that winks at contemporary architecture.


The inspiration for the creation of Les Petits Bonbons comes from a journey, a discovery, an idea that strikes like a bolt out of the blue and opens the door to creativity.

"I studied art, I've always loved to know the new and get in touch with the beauty. I traveled a lot and got to know new cultures, traditions, faces and colors. On a trip to the most romantic city in the world, the beautiful Paris, I found myself in front of the window of a downtown bakery. An explosion of colors, fuchsia, acid green, hints of blue and orange inebriate my senses. The structures created with these little pastries were similar to classical and modern architecture, with their plays of overlaps and balance. From there the idea and realization of the entire collection."

The choice of the name Les Petits Bonbons, "little sweets" in English, is a clear reference to that Parisian experience, to the memory of its endless patisseries and colorful storefronts, the scent of chocolate and cream.

The jewelry all features a classic design built on multiple levels, in which 18-karat rose gold blends with colored stones and diamonds. The rings, necklaces, and earrings in this collection alternate square and triangular shapes, while the stones create strong color contrasts: turquoise and rhodolite, amethyst and green onyx, citrine/topaz and smoky quartz.

Disegno Collezione Les Petits Bonbons

Fabrizio Falcinelli, to meet different needs and tastes, has created two different types of jewelry within the same collection. The first simpler line, created with the superimposition of a natural stone and diamonds, the second more striking, featuring three levels, two semi-precious stones and a pavé of white diamonds.

"In designing the collection, I decided to create two lines of jewelry with the same style but different flashiness. The three-layered line, convex and flashy, is ideal for a woman who wants to stand out by adding an unconventional piece of jewelry to her look. The two-layered jewelry has a linear, elegant and refined look, perfect for those who want a simple but not ordinary look”.

The stones are custom cut with extreme attention to detail, typical of all Falcinelli signature jewelry. Joints are the crucial element of the entire collection, while the choice of gemstone combinations was studied by the designer together with master jewelers to achieve the maximum stylistic effect.

"I transfer everything that gives me emotion to a blank sheet of paper. I like to see a woman adorning herself with my jewelry, feeling enveloped by the irresistible charm of these creations. Les Petits Bonbons has allowed me to make real miniature sculptures to wear every day”. 

Collezione Les Petits Bonbons