LE SECRET: A love message

Romantic, precious, designed to surprise. A combination of stones and diamonds created to bewitch and attract.

Creativity and research give life to Le Secret collection, designed by Fabrizio Falcinelli.


The decision to create a new line of jewelry always stems from the need to express a feeling, an emotion, a message.

"Capturing the authenticity of materials and transporting it within a piece of jewelry was the starting point for the creation of this jewelry collection. I felt an energy that pushed me to create a product that would remain indelible in the hearts of those who received it. I wanted to surprise, while being faithful to an elegant and refined design", explains Fabrizio Falcinelli.

Le Secret collection is the result of a careful selection of the highest quality raw materials and continues with a study of joints, shapes and sizes. The lines appear simple, the colors of the stones, enhanced by sparkling diamonds, gracefully intersect in a stylistic play of great prestige. Elegant and refined, easy to match, the necklaces and rings from Le Secret collection make any look spectacular and reveal the more romantic side of the wearer.

The real special feature of these jewels is hidden inside: a love message engraved on 18-carat gold that slowly reveals itself to the eyes of the fascinated beholder. A declaration of affection, an alternative way to say 'I love you', to express one's feelings.

Le Secret Collection - Falcinelli Italy

"Sometimes we are too immersed in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and forget to celebrate and show our love to the people who love us. With Le Secret collection we can encapsulate our message in a piece of fine jewelry", notes the designer.

Within the collection, there are three different versions: the first consists of necklaces and rings featuring two gold charms with natural stones and diamonds, elegant and casual at the same time; the second, consisting of necklaces and rings embellished with emeralds, rubies and sapphires, the more romantic and sophisticated version. Diamonds, white gold and rose gold, on the other hand, are the components of the full pavé version, with its linear design.

"When I think about the raw materials to be used for the creation of a new jewelry collection, I let myself be carried away by the feelings that those stones and colors arouse in me as I look at them. I am fascinated by the brightness of precious stones and brilliant colors of the natural ones, whose veining I love to observe", Fabrizio Falcinelli concludes.

Le Secret jewelry is a very high example of refinement. The stones dialogue perfectly with the gold and diamonds, synthesising the language of the designer who, with his creativity, makes each piece of jewelry an art object. The contrast created between the various shades of gold provides three-dimensionality to the jewel and adds that special touch capable of ennobling its beauty.

Le Secret Collection - Falcinelli Italy